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SCE-VET: Anchoring Social Circular Economy Attitudes in VET

The Erasmus+ KA2 project “Sce-vet: Anchoring Social Circular Economy Attitudes in VET” was launched in December 2021 with a duration of 30 months. SCE-VET project has the intention to highlight substantial opportunities, insights and themes regarding Circular Economy (CE) and the link to social enterprises. The project is aiming to inspire people to rethink and believe that linking principles of the circular economy with social enterprises gives the right conditions to foster innovation and creativity. At the same time, actions to achieve social sustainability may unlock new markets, help retain and attract business and training partners, or be the source of innovation for new product or service lines. 

According to surveys, between 2012 and 2018 the number of jobs linked to the circular economy in the EU grew by 5% to reach around 4 million. Circularity can be expected to have a positive net effect on job creation provided that workers acquire the skills required by the green transition. Therefore, it is important to stimulate innovative learning and teaching practices in education and to increase the attractiveness of VET by strengthening the link between the educational world, society and work life.

The main Project Results which will aim to achieve the foreseen impact of the project are:

  • PR1. A Social Circular Economy Anchoring Review: 
  • PR2. A Circularity day for staff and students: 
  • PR3. A Mapping of SCE integration in society 
  • PR4. A Student Attitude Survey 
  • PR5. Anchoring Social Circular Economy course 
  • PR6. SCE Network Platform 
  • PR7. Social Circular VET Method Canvas

The objectives of SCE-VET project are: 

  • to inspire people to rethink, redesign and pursue a positive future with the belief that linking the principles of the circular economy with social enterprise gives the right conditions to foster innovation and creativity
  • to meet societal, environmental and economic needs
  • to engage in a more socially, inclusive and environmentally responsible economy by merging the concepts of circular economy (CE) and social enterprising
  • to increase the quality and relevance of organizations’ activities in order to develop and reinforce their networks of partners and rise their capacity to operate jointly at transnational level
  • to boost internationalization activities and exchange or develop new practices and methods as well as sharing and confronting ideas

The role of Innovation Hive in the project is its contribution to the Higher Education Team which will be responsible for the research activities (review, survey, questionnaires, analysis, evaluation).

In the projects participate 9 organizations from 8 European countries, especially as coordinator The Federation of Swedish Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture/YA – Vocational College of Ostrobothnia from Finland, and the partners Stowarzyszenie Edukacji Rolniczej i Lesnej EUROPEA Polska from Poland, Innovation Hive from Greece, UC Limburg from Belgium, Centrul de Incubare Creativ Inovativ de Afaceri from Romania, HumaCapiAct from Italy, Centro Integrado de Formacion y Experiencias Agrarias de Molina de Segura from Spain, Stichting de Drie AOC’s l13 and Stichting Platform Beta en Techniek from Netherlands. 

The Kick-Off meeting of the project took place online on 11th of January 2022 with the aim to be discussed the first steps of the management and implementation process. The 1st Staff Training Activity “Anchoring Social Circular Economy” will be organized in Vaasa, Finland on 22th and 24th of March 2022. During this workshop the crucial EU documents will be discussed and partly analyzed since they are the base for this project and also will be mapped for the Social Circular Anchoring Review. 

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