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GD HIVE: Youth business activities in terms of circular economy to achieve Green Deal goals

In December 2019, a set of policy initiative named as “European Green Deal” presented by European Commission in order to face the threat of the climate change and environmental degradation.  The threats are visible and are scaled up each passing year, for example the climate is changing as the atmosphere is warming and the temperature of land and ocean is increasing at an average rate of 0.13 degrees Fahrenheit per decade.  In addition, a significant amount of the eight million species on the planet are at risk of being lost and forests and oceans are being polluted and destroyed. The growth strategy aims to overcome these tackling climate and environmental-related challenges and transform the European Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. The goal of the “Green Deal” is to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, protect the health and well-being of citizens and achieve an economic growth which will not be linked with resource use. 

Furthermore, the policy is based to a climate neutral and circular economy model which requires the full mobilization of industry and global market. This transition should be focus on low-emission or clean technologies, sustainable products and services in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. 

In combination with the Green Deal, the EU developed also a Circular Economy Action Plan with the aim Europe becomes cleaner and more competitive through the cooperation with economic actors, consumers, citizens and civil society organizations. The green and digital transition to the circular economy model can be accelerated keeping its resource consumption within boundaries, reducing its carbon footprint and doubling its circular material use rate. In addition, the circular economy can strengthen the EU’s industrial base and enhance the creation of business and entrepreneurship among SMEs.

The GD HIVE project is strongly related to the scope of Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan, as it gives special attention in developing circular economy skills and competencies, especially focusing on youth business activities. The partners in the “IO3- E-module boosting CE in a framework of Green” will create a series of learning materials which are developed in 90 modules in total. The topics of the modules are the following:

  • Introduction to Green Deal (GD) and Circular Economy (CE)
  • Innovations in Frame of GD and CE in Industry/Entrepreneurs in Actual Working Environment
  • Creation of GD and CE Innovations in the Existing or Future Working Environment
  • Creative GD and CE Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Starting a New Business
  • Investments, Replication and Profit Increase
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