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Digital Security for senior citizens

Digital Security for senior citizens

The Digital Security for Senior Citizens (DiSC) project will support senior citizens to be able to identify and protect against cybersecurity threats and scams. Partners will do this by increasing their digital skills, knowledge and awareness of the ever evolving threats which target people through technological devices. 

The four main project’s outcomes:

  • Framework of Digital Security Competences: will guide senior citizens to identify and understand the skills, which will help them, protect themselves from digital security threats.
  • Benchmarking Tool: will facilitate the use of the framework in a practical way for senior citizens to measure their level of digital security skills and knowledge.
  • Online Serious Board Game: will provide senior citizens with a tool to practice their digital security skills in a safe, virtual environment.
  • Evidence-Based Policy Recommendations: will provide decision makers with key data to make informed decisions on digital security policy.

The project partners have begun work on the Framework of Digital Security Competences and have drafted the fundamental competencies, the levels of proficiency and the descriptors. The consortium is currently carrying out research to gather information about the existing provision of digital security guidelines and available support from different European countries. This combines desk research to analyse national and regional policy documents and reports, as well as focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders to support the project’s co-creation philosophy. The consortium will complete the Framework of Digital Security Competences at the end of May 2021, and work on the Benchmarking Tool will begin.

More information:

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