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The Green Artivism Project Facilitating As a Key Factor To The Green Viable Transition

Climate change and environmental deterioration pose a clear and present danger to Europe and the rest of the globe. To address these issues, the EU undertakes the initiative to present the Green Deal strategy, trying to turn the EU into a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy continent, guaranteeing that by 2050, there will be no net greenhouse gas emissions and that economic development is no longer linked to resource use.

Aligned to this the Green Artivism Project will add value to this movement by providing young people with the tools they need to collectively achieve a local, green, economically viable transition. This will be delivered by digital artistic tools that promote collaboration, community building, participation in democratic procedures, literacy, and advocacy. All these with the long-term goal of motivating, informing, training, and connecting activists. 

The project consists of two project results, the “CREATIVITY Web-toolkit (PR1) and the “GREEN CITIZENSHIP Workshop Handbook accompanied with a VIRTUAL THINK TANK” (PR2). For the first project result a piloting testing is going to be held in every partner country. In Greece the pilot action will take place on 16 December, and we invite you to attend it online by filling this form. Right after the piloting, young employees will be able to effectively express their environmental concerns and actively contribute to addressing environmental issues. Participants will be also given the opportunity to browse the CREATIVITY WEB-TOOLKIT and with creative methods to contribute to the Green Transition.

Project’s goal is to combine sustainability with elegance, bringing the European Green Deal closer to people’s thoughts and homes in accordance with the new European Bauhaus values. It will assist young people in connecting the production of fresh ideas with the implementation of tangible activities, using creative approaches employed by artists, designers, architects, engineers, and inventors. Piloting testing’s target group will be Young Workers who want to make creative industries rebound from the crisis in a greener, more digital, and resilient way, and youth participants, particularly those interested in the arts, who want to be informed, trained, and properly connected so that they can truly make a difference. The goal of involving this target group in project piloting activities is to boost their capacity to improve their sense of independence, establish better community relationships, and aid in the development of social skills. It may help prepare these young adults and teenagers for volunteer and employment possibilities.

In conclusion, the Green Artivism Project will try to create new kinds of social interactions by giving peaceful methods of engaging power. It is also striving to become the means for grassroots community development around the theme of the European Green Deal and maintain its impact in the long term.

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