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RESTARTVET: “Completion of IO2: Training curriculum for VET teachers and trainers on e-learning methods and provided digital techniques”

We are very proud to announce the completion of the Training Curriculum & Training Materials for VET teachers and trainers. Our topics include information about Communication & Collaboration, Information & Data Literacy, Presentation & Multimedia Technologies, Digital Content Creation, Digital Safety & Security, Social Media Management, Virtual Collaborative learning & Co-creation, Personalized Curriculum and Learning, Cloud Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Video / Game Based learning. We are confident our range of topics can empower and motivate VET trainers and teachers to increase the digital skills and competences of their audiences and help them remain updated and aware of all new developments in a rapidly changing world.

Each module includes an introduction, learning objectives, learning content, Self- reflection activities, local examples and further resources. All materials will be shortly available in all partner languages and will be uploaded in our website  in the following months. Also, you can track on the announcements and updates through our project’s Facebook page:

In addition, the RESTART VET team had the opportunity to pilot the materials in 4 countries with very positive results. 41 people participated in 4 sets of piloting activities in Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, and Lithuania. Overall, the modules were well received with the vast majority of participants expressing a very favourable view both for the organization / administration / delivery of the piloting activities, as well as for the content and the topics covered.

3rd Transnational Meeting

During June (9th-10th), our partners had an opportunity to meet for a Transnational Partner Meeting in Maratea, Italy and had a chance to discuss the progress of the project, exchange ideas and experiences from the piloting activities, offer feedback and further insights, and plan the next steps of the project.

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