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RestartVet: An innovative approach to support VET teachers/trainers through the digital transformation of VET education

On the 14th & 15th of October, the 2nd TPM of the RestartVET project took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The aim of the meeting was to present the current status of the project, schedule the tasks about IO1 and IO2 and discuss the next steps of the implementation process. The main topics discussed during the meeting were considering:

IO1 – A digital competence map describing the profile of VET teachers and trainers on digital skills: The results of national surveys and the first draft versions of the Handbook and the Digital skills portfolio have been presented to the partners during the meeting. The English versions of the IO1 materials will be finalized by the end of the year and their translations in each partner national language is going to be completed by the end of February 2022. The next step is the piloting activities in four countries (Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania and Turkey) in which 32 VET teachers will be trained and will give feedback about the quality of the training materials.

IO2 – Training curriculum for VET teachers and trainers on e-learning methods and provided digital techniques: The partnership has structured the Training Curriculum, and will proceed with the development of the following modules by the end of the year:

  • Cloud technologies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Evaluation of digital tools 
  • Communication collaboration
  • Social media management
  • Personalised curriculum and learning
  • Video/game based 
  • Presentation and multimedia technologies
  • Information and data literacy 
  • Digital Safety & Security
  • Digital Content Creation 
  • Virtual collaborative learning and co-creation

The next step is the review of each module by the partners in order to finalize the English version of the training curriculum and the partners will be able to continue with its translation in their national languages.

Project management of the Project: The Project Management Handbook was presented to the partners by the coordinator of the project. Also, partners have agreed to provide all the necessary documents in order to submit the interim report. 

Sustainability and Exploitation Plan: A draft version of Sustainability and Exploitation plan has been presented to the consortium  by the responsible partner.

Quality Assurance & Evaluation Plan: A quality assurance surveys (RestartVET IO1 Evaluation Questionnaire, RestartVET TPM Evaluation Questionnaire, Indicative Questionnaire for RestartVET piloting) have been presented to the consortium by the responsible partner.

Dissemination Plan: The dissemination plan and the timetable of the reports on dissemination activities have been shared with the consortium by the responsible partner. Also, the creation of two newsletter is assigned to two partners.

Website: The coordinator presented the website and its structure to the partners.The 3rd Transnational Meeting will take place in May in Italy with the aim to overview the next steps of the implementation process.

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