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Empowering SME Leaders with Green Business Leadership Key Competencies: The GreenELEMENT Project

In today’s era of heightened environmental consciousness, sustainability has become a critical aspect for businesses worldwide. While large corporations have been at the forefront of implementing green initiatives, it is equally important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to embrace sustainable practices. Recognizing this need, the GreenELEMENT project has emerged with an innovative solution to develop Green Business Leadership Key Competencies (GBLC) training programs. This initiative aims to equip vocational education and training (VET) trainers with the necessary tools to support 21st-century SME leaders in solving sustainability challenges within their enterprises. Let’s explore the project’s objectives, outcomes, and potential impact.

  • State of the Art Report on GBLC: The GreenELEMENT project begins by conducting comprehensive research, including an analysis of international, European, and national academic literature on GBLC for business leaders. This report serves as a foundation for understanding the core competencies required for successful green leadership in business development. Additionally, field research is conducted, involving SME leaders to gather insights into their perspectives and identify the key competencies needed to thrive as green leaders.
  • GreenELEMENT Curriculum and e-learning Platform: The project aims to develop a curriculum and an e-handbook for trainers, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance on GBLC and green business leadership. This comprehensive training material will empower trainers to effectively impart knowledge, skills, and key competences to SME leaders. Additionally, an e-learning platform will be established, allowing trainers and SME leaders to access educational resources and interactive modules, fostering a continuous learning environment.
  • GreenELEMENT Trainings and Pilots: To validate the effectiveness of the project, the GreenELEMENT partnership conducts trainings and pilots. These initiatives enable SME leaders and other stakeholders to actively participate in the program, gaining practical insights and applying sustainable practices within their organizations. The outcomes of these trainings and pilots will be closely analyzed to measure the program’s impact on enhancing green leadership competencies and driving sustainable business practices.

At the same time, the GreenELEMENT project has set several key aims to support SME leaders:

Developing a Green Leadership Mindset: By equipping SME leaders with a green leadership mindset, the project aims to inspire responsible actions in the market and economy. SMEs will learn to balance economic growth with environmental and societal considerations, fostering a sustainable business approach.

GBLC Training Program for VET Trainers: The project aims to develop, present, and validate a GBLC training program specifically designed for VET trainers. By providing trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills, they can effectively train SME leaders and interested stakeholders, creating a ripple effect that promotes sustainability within the SME sector.

Updating VET Training Processes: The GreenELEMENT project recognizes the importance of digitization in today’s training landscape. Therefore, it aims to support VET training policies and institutions in updating their training processes, integrating digital tools and technologies. This update will ensure that VET institutions stay current with the evolving needs of SME leaders in the context of a digitalized business environment.

Last but not least The GreenELEMENT project’s focus on developing Green Business Leadership Key Competencies (GBLC) training programs represents a significant step towards empowering SME leaders in their pursuit of sustainability. By fostering a green leadership mindset and providing comprehensive training resources, SMEs can act responsibly while respecting the environment and society. This project not only benefits individual SMEs but also supports VET training policies and institutions in enhancing their training processes.

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