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SEAL: Shaping the Employees of the future by strengthening intrApreneurial skiLls & mindset
Project Details
  • Topic: Business and Social innovation, Education and Training, New technologies and digitalization
  • Programme : Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership
  • Priority: Vocational education and training
  • Project ID: 2020-1-UK01-KA202-079094
  • Website:
  • Start: 2020-09-01
  • Finish: 2022-08-31
  • Total Grant: 268.969,00 €
Participating Countries: 7

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Project Description

The term of intrapreneurship was firstly introduced by Steve Jobs in 1985 and, since then, is continuously gaining traction and importance as the entrepreneurial mindset is increasingly needed within companies and corporations as much as outside to set new vision, disrupt ways of doing things, anticipate change, and solve problems that will better business culture. Intrapreneurship can be defined as the process by which individuals who have entrepreneurial traits work for companies and entrepreneurs. Intrapreneurs are unlike normal employees who simply function in a role, intrapreneurs contribute to the bigger picture and they are business minded. Intrapreneurs are responsible for introducing ideas, inspiring creativity, leading and motivating those around them. The SEAL project focuses on promoting intrapreneurial skills and mindsets in European SMEs’ employees in order to support employers and employees respond to the challenges that today’s innovation models and the “Entrepreneurial Economy” bring to human resources and its links to SMEs’ competitiveness. These challenges require new strategies to be designed and applied, and SMEs can harness the potential of in-house innovation and entrepreneurship processes. These strategies involve training and development of entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, which will enable the process of transforming opportunities into value. SEAL’s main objective is to provide innovative solutions to SMEs and VET organizations / trainers for assessing and developing employees’ intrapreneurial skills and mindsets.

Project Outputs
  • IO1 – State of the Art analysis on intrapreneurial skills needs and collection of best practices
  • IO2 – Intrapreneurial skills training curriculum development
  • IO3 – Intrapreneurship training course and pilots
  • IO4 – Development of SEAL e-learning platform
  • IO5 – Manual & Toolkit for VET trainers and policy makers
Our Role

Innovation Hive will be responsible for developing the project’s dissemination plan and for leading the implementation of dissemination activities of the project. Moreover InnoHive will be responsible for developing the SEAL e-learning platform.



SEAL approach, activities and outputs will contribute for:
1. improving the level of key competences and skills of SMEs’ employees, in what concerns the intrapreneurial and transversal skills, relevant for their personal, social and professional development and growth;
2. promoting and strengthening the European lifelong learning area, by contributing to the dissemination, multiplication and replication of the use of European transparency and recognition tools;
3. endowing managers and/or human resources managers of SMEs of knowledge and tools to successfully access and promote the entrepreneurial mindset and skills of their employees, essential for the promotion of competitiveness and smart growth of companies.

Project Partners

🇬🇧 Kairos Europe Limited



🇧🇪 The Square Dot team


🇵🇱 Fundacja Agencji Sluzby Spolecznej




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