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Project description

The concept of Industry 5.0 provides a different focus and highlights the importance of research and innovation to support industry in its long-term service to humanity within planetary boundaries. Industry 5.0 recognizes the power of industry to achieve societal goals beyond jobs and growth to become a resilient provider of prosperity, by making production respect the boundaries of our planet and placing the wellbeing of the industry worker at the center of the production process. Within this context, EVOLVE 5.0 project will aim to develop an innovative training toolbox for VET organizations and trainers to exploit in order to support the industry and the industry workers through a successful transition to the Industry 5.0 principles and values.
The project’s specific objectives shall be to:
– Explore what a renewed European Industry 5.0 may look like and how it could make European industries more future proof, resilient, sustainable and human-centered;
– Investigate possible ways in which technological innovation can be deployed to support a better fit and “win-win” interaction between industry and society, shifting focus from shareholder to stakeholder value;
– Investigate the main skill gaps and barriers in the evolving 5.0 industry sector in Europe;
– Investigate how Industry 5.0 could benefit rather than threaten industry workers, while respecting planetary and social boundaries;
– Design training courses to update and requalify workers of the industrial sector, focusing on the uptake of the skills that are necessary for the development of Industries 5.0;
– Provide e-leadership skills to students, workers and managers that will lead to better employment and career opportunities and make companies more competitive and innovative.


– 105 industry employers/managers shall increase their knowledge on the concept of Industry 5.0 and their capacity for shaping the working environment of their companies as well as for supporting their workers through a successful Industry 5.0 evolution;
– Industry entrepreneurs and managers will be able to be pivotal actors of the so called 5th industrial revolution in their countries by constituting a bridge between industry and VET; INDUSTRY WORKERS
– 210 industry workers shall acquire relevant skills and competences that will allow them to successfully prepare for and efficiently adapt to the Industry 5.0 transition;
– develop critical thinking, reflexive, and self-assessment;
– build confidence and self-esteem through networking and participating in group activities;
– improve their communication skills;
– develop an awareness of opportunities for personal growth.

Our role

Innovation Hive is responsible for: -PR2: Development & pilot implementation of the VET training material and Toolbox for Industry 5.0 evolution, Development of the project’s logo , website, social media profiles and brochure in all partners’ languages.Development of the project’s visual identity, including templates with a transversal use by all project partners (ppt presentations, a template for the development of PRs, etc.) and sending out project’s newsletters periodically throughout the duration of the project, promoting the main outputs and results of the project. Also contributes to: – PR2-A1: Development of the VET training course and material for Industry 5.0 evolution – PR2-A3: Improvements to the training course and materials – PR4-A1: Collection of evidence from the piloting activities

Project Partners




🇸🇮 Mednarodni institut za implementacijo trajnostnega razvoja

🇩🇪 BK Consult GbR



🇪🇪 Cuiablue OÜ


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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