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The study “Youth Work and the Corona Pandemic in Europe” by RAY (2020) carried out that 70% of responding youth workers experience their youth work majorly affected by the Corona pandemic (Böhler, Karsten & Pitschmann, 2020). Furthermore, 55% of youth leaders saw at least two thirds of their youth work interrupted and only 17% youth workers and youth leaders managed to transfer their whole work to online formats. On top of that, 70% of responding youth workers lost access to more than one third of the young people they are normally working with. Especially young people with fewer opportunities have become much harder to reach, NEETs are highly endangered to fall into this category.

Not only the current COVID-19 pandemic is an international challenge young people in Europe are facing. 44% of the young Europeans consider climate protection as one of the most important problems in the EU (TUI Youth Study 2020). The YES-SI project is directly linked to the three core areas “engage”, “connect” and “empower” of the European Youth Strategy 2019-2027. The YES-SI as well as the European Youth Strategy focus strongly on democratic participation of all young peoples in society and support of their social and civic engagement. YES-SI provides young people and youth workers with methods and tools as well as opportunities for transnational networking. Against this background, the YES-SI project intends to empower young people in Europe to contribute actively and together with other young European as changemakers to innovative solutions for nowadays (inter-)national challenges.


YES-SI ERASMUS+ project intends to raise awareness among young people of their powers and potentialities in order to prompt them to act both for their personal and collective development through social and civic innovation directly supporting their community needs, to engage young people by involving them in challenging activities that stretch their abilities, imagination and view of the world and the part they can play in it, to connect young people in networks they would otherwise not know of, that give them a platform for their own ideas, their own aspirations and allow them to say what sort of world they want to live in and finally to empower them with new skills and knowledge the experience of creating real change, become owners of the social capital they create, and start to realise the value of their own ideas.

Our Role

Innovation Hive will be responsible for coordinating the IT and digital tasks in project results 2, 3 and 4, InnoHive will also be in charge of organising the Changemaker LABs incubation programme in Greece with the support of STIMMULI. Innovation HIVE is responsible for social media activities and leading the development of project result 5: YES-SI Game.


Project Name: Youth Empowerment for Social Inclusion

Project ID: 2021-1-DE04-KA220-YOU-000029144

Start Date: 01/02/2022

End Date: 01/08/2024


🇩🇪 Verein zur sozialen und beruflichen Integration e.V.





🇪🇸 Asociación para el Estudio y Promoción del Bienestar Social

🇮🇪 Social Enterprise International Tuatha Ltd

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that might be made of the information contained therein.
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