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Restart VET

Most of the European countries suffered the dramatically consequences of COVID-19, such as Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium. Hiring almost ceased, layoffs increased, and teleworking became a very common alternative. RESTART VET proposal attempts to find out the e-readiness of VET teachers for transition to online learning along with their views on this mode of learning transaction. Such a situation necessitated VET teachers to acquaint themselves with online learning tools and skills. Based on this, access to different resources is needed as well as a significant and accelerated digital transformation that will support and assist vocational teachers to deal with the new work situations. The ultimate goal of RESTART VET is to encourage a ‘digitalized centered’ approach, also considering a human-based needs model of vocational education area, as it is considered as vital to know the VET teachers readiness and views about their online learning experience. The main objectives of the Restart VET project are to develop digital competencies for VET teachers, increase the pool of work based on learning opportunities for VET teachers and promote digital upskilling and/or reskilling of VET teachers as a priority in EU and enhance the proactive behaviors within educational process. During the project, at least 30 VET teachers per country will be involved in the project’s activities such as Vocational Trainers, Teachers, Advisors, Educators and Trainers for VET teachers and more.


As an overall result, RESTART VET will contribute with an innovative approach to encourage the development of digital skills of VET teachers in times of pandemic and provide useful guidelines, methods and tools for both supporting them with digitally tech-based pedagogical approaches for educational programs and activities and also playing an active role to conserving positive well-being and emotions. The main expected impact is to support VET teachers/trainers by providing digital tools and technological material, provide information and supportive material to VET teachers/trainers in designing flexible online learning trainings focusing on competent use of digital technologies.

Our Role

Innovation Hive is actively participating in all I.Os. Particularly, is responsible for the development of the project’s Dissemination Plan & implementation of dissemination activities, the VET Practitioner Handbook that will include a guide in e-readiness for VET teachers and trainers and the development of the “RESTART VET Toolkit” for VET trainers / teachers.

Restart VET

Project Name: A sustainable framework for improving the digital upskilling of adult cultural professionals

Project ID: 2020-1-BE02-KA226-VET-083119

Start Date: 01/03/2021

End Date: 28/02/2023


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