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The project partners are committed to work towards meeting sustainable goals, such as climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to reduce the rate of life threatening diseases such as heart disease, which is one of the largest public health challenges of the 21st century. Additionally, the partners are dedicated to: – enhance educators’ and students’ digital skills by developing digital teaching resources (WP2) and an educational game (WP3) linked to WP2, plus providing them with continuous professional development, while creating high quality learning opportunities for all citizens. – implement high quality career guidance in order to promote the teaching profession and contribute to initiatives such as the “Become a real-influencer” campaign in Belgium & partner countries. The project embodies the major issues outlined above & will provide a long lasting impact on: – educators by providing them with the tools, skills & knowledge they need regarding climate change, physical health, well-being & using green skills so they can create a generation that is knowledgeable & aware of climate change & how it can adversely & directly affect our lives – all citizens by providing learning opportunities & career guidance – our planet & health


Gained practical knowledge, competencies & educational tools regarding healthy living & climate change that will in turn benefit our planet

• Increased awareness about health threats associated with the inappropriate diet & sedentary lifestyle; include these topics in curricula with an interdisciplinary approach

• Increased awareness about why it is important to reduce CO2 emissions that come from the food production industry

• Developed tools that EU citizens need to navigate the social & mental health implication of adolescent obesity

• Support social inclusion of disadvantaged students & those suffering from eating disorders or health conditions

• Gained competence to develop teaching materials & training methodology on healthy, carbon neutral food selections

• Improved understanding of European Green Deal

• Improved competencies & skills in integrating green skills to Health Education strategies

• Enhanced pedagogical skills of cross curricular teaching

• Developed sustainable competencies & digital skills in the use of AR

• Influenced behavioural change in consumption habits The participating institutions:

• Become role-models for other institutions in their area & encourage them to collaborate in similar projects

• Integrate best practice of management learnt from partner institutions

• Integrate WPs into their or their partner schools’ curricula

• Increased competitive advantage regarding European scale partnership & innovative edutech development

• Attract the attention of local authorities for collaboration in future projects

• Increased awareness of building European Framework of Food and Nutrition Policy and Action Plan specific to the institutions

• Positive influence on the implementation of European Green Deal scheme which, as a result, contribute to the overall health & sustainability of our planet and expansion of knowledge-based society

Our Role

  • Share best practices regarding innovation, sustainability and circular economy
  • develop the educational game
  • lead of WP3 develop the educational platform


Project Name:

Project ID: 2022-1-BE02-KA220-ADU-000087982

Start Date: 01/12/2022

End Date: 30/11/2024





🇹🇷 21.YY Egitimciler Dernegi


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