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Numerous areas of daily and professional life have changed as a result of the fast digitalization that has occurred over the past ten years. Digital transformation is transforming society, the labour market, and the future of work as it is propelled by innovation and technological advancement. Training is frequently unavailable at the appropriate time and location and not enough people are informed. The digital crisis has highlighted the need to improve the digital skills of educators who lack the resources to assist adults in this process of change and has forced organisations that work with adults to broaden their educational offerings and acquire new open source digital tools. Through the Media Education for Aware Adults we will be able to contribute to the digital transformation of organizations that work with adults, by expanding their preparation, resilience and internal digital skills. We aim to increase the capacity and preparedness of institutions to manage an effective transition to digital education, develop a digital pedagogy for educators, include accessible and assistive technologies and the creation and innovative use of digital educational content. We are focus on improving the skills of educators and other adult education staff.


The project is expected to contribute to the development of a wider knowledge-based green societies and digitalisation of learning solutions in the partner countries and will contribute to the creation of youth potential. In addition, the project will establish an international network between adult educators, trainers, across Europe that will undoubtedly stimulate their professional and personal development. On a local and regional level the educational/training market/ all project partners will get new free-of-charge tools and methods for their work which becomes part of their offer of upgraded services. In this way, there will be an increase in specialized professionals in the sector as well as an active membership and commitment of local and regional communities in initiatives in favor of media education and new digital skills. More strategic and integrated usage of ICT in adult education is another advantage of the project, promoting at the same time innovation and best practice examples on media education and digital problem-solving. It will stimulate the integration of learners in participative activities by the engagement in alternative learning paths, creative thinking, exploration of innovative digital tools, green insights, initiatives, etc.

Our Role

Innovation Hive responsible for the development of the “Online platform and training material on MEDIA EDUCATION”. The platform will provide adult educators with an in-depth understanding of digital media and an understanding of digital literacy and key digital skills, such as content creation, online communication or the ability to ensure digital privacy. It will be a result that includes digital learning resources designed on the basis of the concept of micro-learning: short and coherent learning suggestions delivered in multimedia formats with the aim of promoting blended learning methodologies.


Project Name: Media Education for Aware Adults

Project ID: 2022-1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000085196

Start Date: 01/09/2022

End Date: 31/08/2024


🇷🇴 Asociatia Centrul European pentru Integrare Socioprofesionala ACTA



🇮🇹 Petit Pas aps

🇮🇪 Eurospeak Limited


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