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Youth in EU needs tools, networking, best practices and competences to realize their potential. In partner countries, we have identified that youth are in general reluctant to engage in a collaboration outside local environment and connect more, share ideas and information via experience exchange, which is a basis for COHERENT. The project’s main objective is to increase youth participation in civic life related to the youth goals, to foster cross-border mobility and increase youth cooperation in projects. With COHERENT, partners demonstrate structured and coordinated networking, acquisition of innovative and specialized competences for youth, by empowering them to participate strongly in decision-making process to be heard, and enable them to create much more efficient cooperative solutions and project, to use their full potential for our common future. The goal is to empower youth, make them more informed and aware about opportunities in civic participation, democratic life, sustainability, inclusiveness and prepare them for their life.


COHERENT project’s activities are foreseen to have the following short and long-term results:

  • improved competences in democratic values, solidarity, sustainability, digital skills
  • increased ability in decision-making
  • increased confidence and avoid “landing” in social exclusion or below the poverty line
  • increased enthusiasm and motivation to improve personal life and get involved in civic participation
  • opportunities to connect to youth organizations, NGOs, decision-makers, strengthen collaboration
  • opportunities to collaborate with peers in joint projects
  • improving language skills and cultural diversity
  • increased enthusiasm for new professional areas, increasing employment opportunities

Our Role

Innovation Hive will be contributing to all project’s activities and work packages. More specifically, our organization will be leading the following activities: WP1- state-of-the-art with national report, surveys, WP2 – leading and developing the KH, WP3 – contributing to the development of content of the modules, contributing to e-textbooks (translations), preparing youth to mobility, WP4 – organizing and contributing to stakeholders engagement, WP5 – contributing to policy toolkit, contributing to dissemination with e.g. social media, media, articles, publications, info-sharing.


Project Name: A Circle Of youth for tHe EuRope wE want

Project ID: 624600-EPP-1-2020-1-SI-EPPKA3-EU-YTH-TOG

Start Date: 15/05/2021

End Date: 14/11/2022


🇸🇮 Youth Cultural Centre Maribor (Mladinski kulturni center, Maribor)


🇸🇮 International institute for implementing sustainable development
🇧🇪 Projects for Europe PFE
🇮🇹 AREGAI cultural association
🇬🇷 Municipality of Larissa
🇭🇺 Association for Sustainable Future
🇭🇺 Local Government of Nagykanizsa
🇪🇸 Environmental and cultural Association “Permacultura Cantabria”
🇷🇴 Focus Eco Center
🇱🇹 Entrepreneurship Institute
🇹🇷 Eurasia Youth Development Association
🇱🇹 Center for Sustainable Industrial Development
🇫🇮 Olemisen Balanssia ry

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