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DESSI: Training Delivery to Foster Entrepreneurial Activity

Project DESSI is an E+ project, aiming to promote the entrepreneurship education of immigrants and to use the entrepreneurship as an important tool of integration and social inclusion for the immigrants regards so many exclusion factors that they have to suffer. Project DESSI encourage adult educators/ VET providers/ mentors to work with immigrants and entrepreneurs to employ immigrants by educating them and providing them guidelines.  

During the project implementation, partners developed a Training Manual based on a user-friendly model, with lesson plans, good practices, and case studies, exercises, which facilitate the understanding of concepts, outline and tools which consists of documents, resources and guidance for mentors and operates independently of any external involvement. This training manual includes ten sections focusing on different aspects of immigrant entrepreneurship. Each module contains a detailed description of the learning process, with the objectives, instructions and guidelines instructions and guidelines to help trainers manage the process each session. Training Manual developed using references to background material and information leaflets, the quizzes and other tools able to support learning in each module as it provides both academic content and practical activities and operational experience. 

In this framework, each partner organized a training delivery to 20 relevant stakeholders in order to evaluate the manual and provide feedback. In the training delivery which took place in Greece, participants were young 1st and 2nd generation immigrants interested to be more educated on entrepreneurship, young immigrants with starts-up businesses and individuals interested to employ immigrants. Training delivery on training manual based on an interactive presentation in order for participants to better understand the topics of the training manual. Following this was participants questions related to the manual and the topic and a short work shop which included Quizzes, short answers and brainstorming. In conclusion, participants’ feedback assisted on the training manual improvement and the efficient development of customization national manuals.

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